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Super C Dispenser Bottle

The SuperC dispensing system from Brightwell allows concentrate chemicals to be diluted at point of use. Unlike plumed in systems, SuperC requires no water or electricity for either installation or operation, and avoids all the attendant problems associated with venturi products. These can include insufficient or variable water pressure, limescale and other in-line deposits, all of which contribute to inaccurate dosing, and the risk of breaching water regulations in some countries can impact adversely on the use of certain venture systems. As SuperC is a completely stand-alone system and is very easy to install and operate, these problems simply do not occur. This award-winning product boasts several unique and patented features which contribute to ensuring economical cost in use, to benefit both chemical suppliers and end users. Accurate dosing - one of the system’s unique features is the prevention of multiple or overdosing, and under dosing. Chemicals housed inside dispenser - easy-loading HDPE 2 litre (0.53 US gallons) containers or disposable 1.5 litre (0.4 US gallons) pouches. Cost-effective - controlled dispensing; consistent dilution every time; low demonstrable cost in use.
Product Code: BTSCDB001
Core Size: N/A
Pack Size: Each