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Smart Pump Bottle

Brightwell’s Smart Pump dispensing system allows concentrate chemicals to be diluted at point of use. Unlike plumbed-in systems, Smart Pump requires no water or electricity for installation or operation. Smart Pump avoids all the problems associated with venturi systems, not least the myriad water regulations that prohibit the use of some systems in certain countries. It avoids the impact of insufficient water pressure, limescale and other deposits, all of which contribute to inaccurate dosing. As Smart Pump is a completely stand-alone system, these problems simply do not occur. Will draw product from any size container - design gives great flexibility for use. Choice of dosing mechanism - simple selection from 10ml (0.34oz) - 30ml (1oz) in 5ml increments. Spray bottle dosing - this dispenser has a purpose-built adjustable shelf for holding the bottle in place while it dispenses the correct measure of concentrated product into a water-filled spray bottle.
Product Code: BTSPBT001
Core Size: N/A
Pack Size: Each